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Why should I work with Every Story Media? 

With a gift for putting people at ease and an exceptional talent for professional editing and producing, our award-winning team makes the process easy, fascinating and fun. As journalists, video producers and corporate communications professionals, we’ve devoted our careers to helping people tell their stories. We understand and appreciate the importance of preserving family, business and other legacies. We simplify the process of videotaping your story, your way by skillfully managing every detail for you. We’re fun to work with, love what we do, and always make sure you do too!

How long should my video be?  

We let the content drive the length of the video and that is ultimately your choice. Every Story Media works with you to help make those decisions. Family/personal/business history videos usually range from 45 minutes to one hour+. Most business marketing videos fall in the 2-5 minute range, though some can be shorter or longer. 


Where and when should the interviews take place?  

Most people prefer to be interviewed in their own home or office – when and where they’re most relaxed. We can shoot interviews just about anywhere, but a quiet, out of the way location is best.


How long does the process take? 

We can begin right away working with your schedule and timeline.

Depending on the complexity of the video, preproduction and planning is 3-5 weeks but can take considerably less time. After the interviews, allow another 3-4 weeks for the first rough cut of the video. Need the video sooner? Ask us!

Can you use my family or business photos and video?

Absolutely! The best videos are a rich compilation of interviews, B-roll (cover shots of relevant locations, objects, etc.,) and old photos/ film or video.


Can you retouch my photos?  

Minimal retouching is always included. For photos that require significant retouching, we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

What if I want some changes to the video?  

Our goal is to always make sure you are thrilled with your beautiful, broadcast-quality video, so always ask! We’ll make any revisions you feel are needed to the rough edit and then provide a finished version for your final review.


Couldn’t I just shoot and edit a video myself?  

Certainly, this is an option. We have found, however, that too many people who plan to save and share their stories on video never get around to it and sadly, lose their stories to time. Our experienced team is able to provide you with expertise, production values and quality that are priceless. You, your family and future generations deserve the best. Still, if you want to make the video yourself and need some help, ask us!


How much does a video cost?  

It can vary widely. Think of it this way: what’s the cost of a vacation? There are many variables such as the length of the video, the number of interviews, materials preparation, travel, locations, music, photos, etc. Every video we produce is customized for you and your family. After a complimentary consultation, working within your budget, we’ll provide you with a proposal and a quote. 


What if I want a business or non-profit history or other business/educational/corporate videos, an executive biography, tribute video or want to preserve some special moments with, or memories of, my children, my church family or my pets?  

We are dedicated to helping you as individuals, organizations, educational institutions, etc. capture and preserve YOUR stories, ANY stories. We’ve won journalism awards and corporate awards for our work in both personal and professional story telling. We’re happy to discuss all ideas!

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