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“I absolutely loved watching my life story and your careful and dramatic production of it. As I recalled all those memories and all those blessings that have been a part of my long life, I just teared up. Couldn’t help it. I really love what you did – essentially the story of my life and career – and I can’t tell it better than that. I just wanted you to know how very happy I am with the beautiful, finished DVD.”   –  Charlie Gaddy

“Our video is so, so, so AWESOME! David and Lyn make an absolutely incredible team.  WOW! From the beautiful beginning to the phenomenal end, MAGNIFICENT! I am so impressed with the finished product and am still in awe at the phenomenal job that Lyn and David did with our family video. What an experience! This is “STELLAR” work. My sister said that she is so, so pleased that we are doing this. Our siblings are going to be totally blown away, impressed, swept off their feet with the process as well as the finished product!”  –  Evelyn Booker



“This was truly a fantastic experience just to be a part of the behind scene process. From the information that was asked of everyone to seeing and hearing Esther and Jerome be interviewed was amazing. Lyn and David made the environment so inviting and relaxing and the entire experience was fun!”   –  Rosa Smith

“It was a delight to work with Lyn Jackson and Every Story Media. The process went exactly as we had expected and they provided a superb DVD AHEAD of schedule. I’ll certainly recommend Every Story Media to everyone I know and look forward to working with them again!"     –  Mary Cantando

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