The Best Way to Preserve Family Stories

So why do we use VIDEO to tell your family story and recommend you do the same?

We love video. There’s nothing like it to capture and preserve the entire essence of the person we’re interviewing. After that person is gone, there’s nothing more precious than seeing him smile, hearing her laugh, and hearing their voices.

There’s nothing else that compares to seeing the sparkle in the eyes of a beloved parent, child, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, or uncle. We share in their experiences as they are telling them, see their mannerisms, and hear their tone of voice, speech patterns, and especially their laughter. We feel their emotion, see their facial expressions, and feel their essence.

What really are your most prized possessions?

These days, our lives are so busy we sometimes lose sight of what’s right in front of us— the things that are most important. Things like family, love, stories, traditions, having and sharing great experiences with family and friends. These are more important than any possessions we may own.

Have you heard about recent studies that show much higher satisfaction and happiness rates among those who purchase experiences rather than things? After the death of a loved one, isn’t it the stories, traditions, and memories that have the deepest meaning and provide the most comfort to us?

But if we fail to record them, these too, will disappear.

Fortunately, some of us “get it” even before we experience a death. But it’s not always that simple or that easy. For so many reasons, many of us don’t ever record the stories of those we love and later wish we had captured and preserved them.

So now, knowing this, make it a priority. Please take the time to record these stories—no matter where, when, or how.

We at Every Story Media love video and can do that for you, however, it doesn’t matter how it gets done. Whether it’s written, or recorded as audio only, taped on a cell phone, or fully produced and edited by a professional. Just do it.

I hear the same heartbreaking story again and again. Usually it starts with “I wish”. “I wish I had videotaped my parent or grandparent, aunt, uncle or other loved one before they passed away.”

Make it Fun

Make it fun and take some of the responsibility off of yourself—consider hiring a professional. Future generations will be watching! Great sound, lighting, framing, editing, music and graphics will make a difference.

Professionals will help you get done in a timely manner what you might otherwise put off for years, maybe even until it’s too late. Future generations will thank you. There is no better gift to give them. A family story video only grows more precious and valuable.

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