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Veterans History Project Event!

Every Story Media is pleased to announce its First Annual Veterans History Project Event!

We will be working with the wonderful folks at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation and others.

This is the perfect opportunity to make sure that every veteran you know tells his or her story on video.

Our goal is to collect as many stories as we can from a variety of veterans and to share them with the Veterans History Project (VHP) at the Library of Congress and the

World War II vets are our first priority. Of course, we would love to interview any veteran and all of our video interviews for this project are pro bono, no charge to any vet.

May is Personal History Month. Let’s get started!

If you have a story to share or know of veterans who would like to tell their story, please contact: or call: 919-961-1081.

Remember, there’s no time like the present to capture and preserve the past.

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